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Software Engineer - Kubernetes (Flexible Location USA) Jobs

Software Engineer - Kubernetes (Flexible Location USA) Jobs

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Posted on:
29 April 2021
Last Date:
Full Time
Permanent / Contract

Vacant Positions:

  • Software Engineer - Kubernetes




In this role, you will be part of a team of passionate engineers working to build and release our Kubernetes distributions and integrate them with the rest of our product suite. Our goal is to make Rancher the premiere tool for deploying, managing, and operating Kubernetes and containerized workloads across on-prem datacenters, public clouds, and the edge.

You will be required to adapt quickly and bring insightful contributions both to design and implementation processes, constantly raising the quality bar while pragmatically adding value to the product offering.

You will be responsible for working with customers and community contributors to identify problems, turn them into good reports, track progress, and provide actual solutions and feedback to our users.

You will participate in daily video-conference team meetings, collaborate with your colleagues via real-time chat, GitHub and other various tools, ultimately presenting your technical achievements to the relevant stakeholders in iterative time boxes.

We are looking for you to:

Be a great person to work with, promote teamwork, and value fearless feedback, both giving and receiving.

Be willing to learn new technologies you may not be familiar with. We know no one can be an expert in every aspect of Kubernetes or the broader cloud-native ecosystem, but we are looking for someone who is open to new challenges.

Collaborate on the future of our Kubernetes ecosystem, work with upstream project communities, and help maintain alignment with customer needs, market trends, and the overall Rancher product story.

Be productive and collaborative while keeping a focus on maintaining high-quality standards.

Company Image:

Software Engineer - Kubernetes

How to Apply:

Interested Candidates can apply Online. 

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